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About Us

Andalucia House 2011 McLeary. Ocean Park. San Juan. PR 00911
T.787.309.3373 F.787.728.7838
Operating since 2004 webmarketing@andalucia-puertorico.com


Since Puerto Rico's discovery, Spanish settlers predominantly from Andalucía (southern Spain), the native Taíno indians and African slaves had merged their cultures, arts, and even their languages to create a new and unique culture. This is how modern Puerto Rico came to be: rich and vibrant. And that's why we named our guest house Andalucía, the southern region of Spain that gave us so much of our traditions, as you may notice when you visit Old San Juan historic areas.

Besides history, we enjoy so much Andalusian art with its Mediterranean and Moorish roots that we decided to embellish our guest house with Andalusian decor to please and enrich your senses.

Meet Your Hosts:


Roberto Melo (Owner)

Roberto was born in Bogota, Colombia. He also lived in Udine, Italy and Gdansk, Poland. Eventually, he pursued his career in New York City. Roberto visited Puerto Rico some years ago and fell in love with the island. He speaks Spanish, English, Polish and learned some Italian.


Jamie Fuentes (Associate)

Jamie is a native of the island, born in Arecibo. Jamie has a B.S. in Social Work from York University in New York and looks forward to get a Master Degree in Social Work. He speaks Spanish and English.


Javier Castañer (Front Desk on Saturdays)

Javier's family used to own coffee plantations at Yauco, central mountain part of Puerto Rico. He speaks spanish, english and fluents in french as well because he studied in Paris for 6 years.

Our Friends from Nature:


Dear Visitors,

It seems like you picked the right place for a great vacation - the tropics. Well, we live here because of the warm weather, too. We don't want to waste you time, what I want to say is: Please bear with us.

We play a very important role in the ecology. We may get in your way only when it's time to feed, like bugs and mosquitos. Otherwise, we live a private life.

So do the ants. They only come when you have food or sweets unbagged or uncovered. Otherwise
they stay mostly out of your sight.

Please understand and enjoy your stay.


*From the management: We try our best to keep the rooms creatures-free. But for the public open
areas, it's to our conscience to be eco-friendly. However, if the little creatures do bother you,
please let us know. We are willing to act upon your level of comfort in order to make your stay more


Authentic Puerto Rico Vacation Experience!
Call 787.309.3373 or now!

One example of our andalusian heritage is our spanish accent. It is more similar to the one spoken in Seville & Granada than the Castillian Spanish, which is spoken in northern and central parts of Spain.

We would like to thank all the guests who have helped us spread the word since 2004. We wouldn't have made it this far without your help. Thank you!!! : ) Esteban & Emeo

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Meet Your Hosts

Our Friends from Nature

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