Transportation Options:

Being in the metro area, you have a choice of having a rental car, taking taxis or buses to most of the sight-seeing areas in San Juan metro areas such as Old San Juan, Museo de Arte, Santurce Old Market Square (Plaza del Mercado) and the Piñones boardwalk and bike trail.

• Rental Car
Normal daily rates for a small car rental is about $29 - $39 plus insurance. However, due to high demand during U.S. holidays, it could go up to $70 per day. So we recommend you booking early if you are vacationing during those times.

There are 6 free private parking in front of our guest house (first-come-first-serve). If they do get full, usually you should be able to find parking on the side streets.

• Taxis
There are plenty of taxis 24/7 at both SJU airport and at Old San Juan. From our house, you can call a taxi to our house to take you anywhere. Here are the flat rates that they charge (designated by local government):

To / From
SJU Airport
Old San Juan
Art Museums & Plaza del Mercado
Piñones Area
Plaza Las Americas
Our house

$18 + $1 per luggage (3.5 miles)

$15 - $20 + $1 per luggage (4 miles)
$15 (1 - 1.5 miles) or 30 mins by walking
$20 (6 miles)
$20 (4 miles)






• Buses
There are 2 bus lines that take you to most of the sight-seeing areas in the city: T5 & 53. The bus stops are about 1 block from our house. Each ride costs $0.75 (exact change per person). You will need plenty of patience because the buses are sparse (1 hr+ wait-time if you have missed one).

To / From
SJU Airport
Old San Juan
Art Museum & Fruit Market
Piñones Area
Plaza Las Americas
Bus Number

B40 or C45 then T5 or 53

T5 or 53
T5 or 53 then B40
B21 then B22






• Our suggestion for transportation:
1) We do not provide transportation to/from SJU airport nor OSJ Cruise dock.
2) If you can get a great rate on a rental car, go for it because you will have the ultimate convenience and freedom especially if you need to hit all the attractions in a hurry or if you plan to sight-see
everyday during your stay.
3) If you plan to spend most of the time on our beach, and do sight-seeing for a day or two, you could rent a car after you have arrived here. There are several car rental companies that will pick you up for free from our house, to bring you to their offices and you pick up the rental car from there.


Ocean Park Neighborhood
Ocean Park is a laid-back urban residential beach area with several convenient stores, shops and restaurants. By staying here, you will get a chance to be close to the locals, native food and culture, if you want to explore that, besides having fun at our beach. Also by staying here, you have access to local restaurants which provide more authentic and economical dining options, within walking distance.


Local criollo restaurants tend to serve large portion (like U.S.) that you could almost have a second meal. Here are some restaurants in our neighborhood within walking distance ($ = $10, $$ = $20 for entrees):

1) Kasalta (local bakery serves breakfast, sandwiches, pastries, soups and gourmet tapas) $ - $$
2) Ocean Park Cafe(local criollo) $
3) Pamela's (beachfront romantic setting) $$ - $$$
4) Uvva's (beachfront fusion cuisine) $$ - $$$
5) La B. de Burro (Burritos in Luchar Libre decó) $
6) Bebo's Cafe (criollo, very popular) $
7) La Casita Blanca (local criollo in authentic farmer decor) $ - $$
8) Tasca de Yiyo (Cuban / Puerto Rican) $
9) Mango's (Criollo & International - lunch special around $8) $ - $$
10) Che's (Argentinian grill) $$
11) Marquesa (Italian with fresh ingredients) $$
12) Molini's Cafe (criollo in bistro setting) $
13) Fleria (awesome Greek with a $10.99 lunch combo bargain) $ - $$
14) Kamoli's Cafe (mixed menu dine inside a boutique) $ - $$
15) La Boulangerie (real French bakery with a lovely artistic mural) $ - $$
16) McDonald's, KFC, Wendy's, Domino's, Burger King, Uno's & Church's Chicken. $


*There are even more restaurants options if you head to Condado, Isla Verde and Old San Juan.


Barbosa Park and Parque del Indio
A few blocks away is the Barbosa Park (by the beach) which was just renovated in 2008. It has brand-new soft tracks for jogging. It's very popular among early evenings. Also there are 6 tennis courts open to public. If you are coming with children, the Parque del Indio down the street near Condado side offers some playgrounds for the little ones right by the beach.


For shoppers especially from nearby islands, enjoy shopping on Loiza Street (next block) for discount stores such as Me Salvé (ladies' clothing), Donato (men's clothing) and Topeka (home decor & appliances). Or a short walk to Plaza Norte where has Pitusa (furniture, appliances, clothing and home decor) and Radio Shack. Also the Plaza Las Americas mall is only a short taxi ride away.


Outside San Juan
San Juan is quite centrally located. By staying with us, it is fast and easy to get to other parts of the island. For activities such as trekking in El Yunque rainforest, kayaking in the bioluminescent lagoon in Fajardo, Barcardí Rum Factory in Cataño, Arecibo Observatory, Camuy Caves and Ponce, all about 1 hour drive from San Juan via highways. Please visit our page for distances and information.



Puerto Rico San Juan Location Condado Shopping Restaurants Bar Convenient Location Old San Juan Museum Artisan Gallery Souvenir Gifts Rum Factory.




We are conveniently located in Ocean Park, right in-between both Condado (west) & Isla Verde (east) touristy areas in San Juan. As you can see on the San Juan metro area map below, we are half-way between the SJU airport (east) & Old San Juan (west). It's about 8 - 12 mins to either location by car or taxi. The beautiful Ocean Park Beach (north) is 2 short blocks away (5 mins by walking) and you will find several local restaurants and art museums within walking distance.


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Greater San Juan is formed by suburbs such as Carolina, Guaynabo, Rio Piedras, Bayamon and Cataño, along with coastal downtown areas such as Condado, Ocean Park, Isla Verde and Old San Juan.

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